Syndicat Gourmet

Good food, local sourced ingredients


We're open from: Tue to Fri from 18:00 to 23:00 and Sun to Sat from 13:00 to 23:00.

Made With Love

Well if not with love, at least with a lot of passion. You can always summon the cook for questions about the food, recipes or share stories from his time spent in India.

All Natural Ingredients

We use fresh ingredients bought every morning from the town's main market place. We simply love food, and good food is natural and fresh. So we try to avoid supermarkets as much as we can.

Cozy Athmosphere

The restaurant was renovated by ourselves, and we put a lot of work in bringing out the old style of the building and creating a nice atmosphere so that you can relax and enjoy your food.

Week's Special

  • Duck Breast with Pink Grapefruit and Sour Cherry Sauce


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Out of respect for the food and the other guests, we're sorry but we cannot allow you to smoke inside. You smoke right outside our restaurant tough.
Yes, you can pay by card if you wish, we're accepting VISA and MasterCard. If you enjoyed the food and service, you can also give a small token of appreciation to your server.
We're not. Sorry. We just can't provide you with quality food that way and we're not willing to compromise.
You can park on the "9 Mai" street right next to the restaurant. It's almost impossible not to find an empty spot at all times.
Yes, but keep in mind our restaurant can host up to 30 people comfortably. Please contact us at with the details.
If you didn't manage to scroll all the way down, here it is:
+4 (0269) 210 868.

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